List of Medicines Search

The Approved List of Medicines is an integral part of the Rulebook on the Approved List of Medicines Prescribed and Dispensed under Compulsory Health Insurance Scheme. It is applied as of 1 January 2015.

The List of Medicines search facilitates obtaining of information on medicines covered by compulsory health insurance scheme.

If you wish to search the List of Medicines, you should enter one of the following information in the Latin script in the search field: JKL, ATC, INN, trade name or the manufacturer's name. The results of search per relevant criterion will be shown in the table.

Additional information on the medicine may be obtained by clicking on + in the first column of the table.
If you are recommended by your doctor a medicine listed in the Approved List of Medicines, by entering its INN (international non-proprietary name) you may check whether the medicine of the same INN but produced by another manufacturer is listed in the List of Medicines.

In this way you will check whether a medicine representing the treatment parallel to the prescribed medicine is listed in the List of Medicines.

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